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About us

Van den Assem family company

Tradition and passion
'The van den Assem feeling has everything to do with making people happy. Our employees, the heart of our company, understand that. We can buy the most beautiful shoes, but without our people on the shopfloor we have no chance.

We have invested so much in the interior of our shops! Not to sell more shoes, but to give the customers a special experience. Our shops have a soul, our company has a soul. Everything we do comes straight from the heart. It's all to do with how you feel.'

'We live and breathe shoes.' - Berry van den Assem Van den Assem family: Practically born in a shoebox

Van den Assem


born in a shoebox

Over Van den Assem schoenen
Lambertus van den Assem schoenen First generation

Lambertus van den Assem

Cees van den Assem schoenen Second generation

Cees van den Assem

Berry van den Assem schoenen Third generation

Berry van den Assem

Leo van den Assem

Joep van den Assem schoenen Fourth generation

Joep van den Assem

Lambertus van den Assem

'My father had the ability to look through a shoe like an X-ray. At one glance he saw how the shoe was made, whether the material was of high quality and the lining was tight.

Together with his brother, he opened a shoe store in the Oostmolenstraat in Rotterdam in 1910. They got on well with each other, but there was one big difference: my uncle was more interested in the cheaper sector, while my father just wanted to focus on higher quality shoes. Eventually, they both went their own way.' - Cees van den Assem
Lambertus van den Assem schoenen
Cees van den Assem schoenen

Cees van den Assem

When Cees was in his mid-twenties, he and his sister Leny and brother Ton took over the business from their parents. This was now located on Nieuwe Binnenweg. After over 42 years of passion and love invested into his (now) two stores, he had a discussion with Berry about the acquisition.

'We thought it was quite unsettling that dad stopped. His business was always what defined him, he was always at work. Except on Sunday, then we had him to ourselves.' - Leo van den Assem

'If you're as passionate as our father, letting go is very difficult and painful, but dad did it to give our generation a chance. Of course we have a lot of contact regarding the company. If I need advice or want to talk about something myself, then I call him.' - Berry van den Assem

Berry van den Assem

'At home we barely even talked about it, we breathed shoes: I did not want anything 'He came back from Italy with a head full of ideas. Ideas that changed the nature of our collection, which was quite proper. I realized that that change was necessary, even though I struggled with some trends.' - Cees van den Assem

Berry van den Assem schoenen
Leo van den Assem schoenen

Leo van den Assem

'It gives us great satisfaction when we see that our shoes make people happy.' - Leo van den Assem

'I had many ideas for opening up other things, starting with a men's shoes shop. We soon agreed: I would do the ladies and Lé would do the men's items.' - Berry van den Assem
Berry's oldest son Joep also has the shoes-gene and, as a little boy, helped out in the shops. Now, he is completely at home in the world of sales and he goes shopping with his father.

Joep van den Assem

'I would like to continue the family business later. Fortunately, my father and uncle are still around, so I can learn a lot from them. I already do that every day and I'm looking forward to what's ahead.' - Joep van den Assem

'He has that nose for trends from his father, that's just the same. Joep, of course, is just beginning, but you just know that he's right at home here!' - Leo van den Assem
Joep van den Assem schoenen